Everything Is Illuminated

China . Shanghai . 2011 // 中国 . 上海 . 2011

China . Shanghai . 2011 // 中国 . 上海 . 2011

Local market. Fake market. Frasier Suites. French kissing with hands. 3 Mojitos. Wagas. Tái tái. Blue Frog. Wine with cork taste. The way he speaks about his cats. Super Brand Mall. The chinese Johnny Depp – hrmphff!!! Science & Technology Museum. House number 6, not 7. Carrefour. Sisters, parents, fathers. Loooong talks, shooooort nights. Ten-ish. French concession. DVD shop. Oh, I just met another friend of mine! The Bund in the dark, and illuminated. Ferry ride with first row sitters. Yù Garden. Bamboo hat. The Chinoise Story. Shanghai Grandmother Restaurant. Hěn hǎo. Xiè xie.  Old man in line 2, speaking German: Is she your daughter? Financial Tower platfrom. Hyatt Patio Bar. Toilet ranking. Working girl. Mr. Clooney. Green tea pot. Jasmin flower. IFC Mall. My bag is your bag. Never refuse to take two lighters. Music from your iPad. China Unicom. Local noodle restaurant. Pizza dinner at home. Propaganda Poster Art Centre. Cumin bread. Maglev, 430 km/h. What silly language is this? Mad Men. Where Avi? Roasted chestnuts. Muji scarf. Sausage style. Instant coffee in small cups. Children address kit. Toilet at the balcony. French fries basket, very big! Lesbians with the stick. Wiener Schnitzel at Paulaner’s. Man with the invisible wife. French girls. Yelling at the busdriver. Hotpot, visiting the kitchen. Frog without skin. The poor, poor ducks. Chicken on a stick in the zoo, only 80 RMB. Just enough time to break someones heart – oh, she tried that during the last 10 days (sorry again for that!). Indian cheese sandwich with tomatoe and waterdrop. Burning houses dream. Green flesh mice. Bar in the lighthouse. Are you guys in HK? Lost Heaven. Waving for a taxi. The ‘family’ at the other table. Check! Glamour Bar.

Looking back, it feels like our common time passed by quickly and had been endless at the same time. Driving back home yesterday from the airport, I definately had been the saddest person in the whole Metro train.

Thank you Louise.
For coming here.
And spending 10 outstanding days with me.

‘Det var meget, meget rart med dig. Vi vil se jer næste sommer.’

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